How should look your bachelor party

Have you ever imagined what your bachelor party would look like? You must have dreamed about it for quite some time. We women imagine this moment practically from the moment we know our dream partner and we know that we want to be with him. Each of us imagines it a little differently. Of course, a request for a hand must first take place at the initiative of the partner. There are several ways a partner can ask you for a hand:


1) In your favorite romantic restaurant

Romantic restaurant, good food and a declaration of love from a friend… even so, the request for a hand can take place and it is definitely beautiful in the restaurant as well. The combination of good food, romance and a request for a hand is simply one of the great ideas that your partner can be inspired by.

2) By the sea

Sandy beach with warm sand, sparkling sea and waves that make soothing sounds… by the sea, the request for a hand is also very romantic. In addition, it is great if it is associated with beautiful weather and sunshine – I personally love the sun and it is definitely better for me if my partner asks me for a hand at the sea than in the mountains, but every girl has it differently.


3) At home

Even at home, your partner can prepare for a hand. Asking you at home doesn`t mean it won`t be romantic. On the contrary! I think that if your partner knows what you like, it will certainly be a beautiful moment for you..and maybe he will cook a great dinner for you!

4) In the meadow

Meadow flowers, sunshine, nature, trees..beautiful combination that requires a special opportunity, what a request for a hand is definitely. If you are gentle types, you will definitely appreciate this hand application!

And of course, with the request for a hand, you are planning to say goodbye to your freedom. What would you call it if you conceived the farewell in the style of a nautical bachelorette party?

That`s a great idea, invite your friends and cheers!